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How MVP Masters helped Rentd launch a multi-platform rental service in London & Dubai within a budget

Rentd is redefining the property rental experience, offering a seamless end-to-end journey for tenants and landlords in London and Dubai. The platform streamlines every step, from property discovery to move-in, making the rental process efficient and user-friendly.

  • Deliverables

    MVP · Scale

  • Headquarters

    London, UK

  • Industry

    Proptech, SaaS

  • Investment Round

    Seed round

  • Valuation

    $2M - $5M


    1 Project Manager · 3 Engineers · 1 Solution Architect

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Client's Vision: Simplifying the Rental Process Across Markets

Rentd's ambition was to create an all-encompassing rental platform that covered every aspect of the rental process. This included finding properties, scheduling viewings, negotiating offers, signing contracts, and finalizing move-in details, all facilitated through their innovative app.

Challenges: Expanding and Enhancing the Platform

Initially, Rentd operated with only an iOS app and an outdated Admin Panel. The challenge was to expand the product to include a Web App and an Android App, customize it for the Dubai market, and automate the entire rental process. A key issue was improving the property search functionality, which was slow and inaccurate in the existing setup.

Our Strategy: Building a Full-Spectrum Rental Solution

We focused on developing a multi-platform solution that would not only cater to diverse markets but also automate and streamline the entire rental process. This involved careful planning to balance time-to-market with the robustness and scalability of the product.

Solution Development: Multi-Platform Integration and Architectural Revamp

1. Technology and Tools:

  • NextJS was chosen for the Web App for its exceptional performance.
  • React Native enabled cross-platform development for Android and an enhanced iOS app.
  • The Admin Panel was rebuilt using NextJS, creating a unified technology stack with React and TypeScript.

2. Architecture:

  • Optimizing the business logic and deploying it using Cloud Run for serverless container management.
  • Implementing Elasticsearch for an advanced property search experience.
  • A Python-based image service was developed for dynamic image resizing, improving load times.

Value Delivered: A Fully Automated and Scalable Rental Platform

Rentd has transformed into a fully automated platform, facilitating every step of the rental journey. This comprehensive solution, available on Web, iOS, and Android, is scalable, robust, and uses the latest technology to enhance user experience. Rentd now enables effortless market expansion with minimal development effort.

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What's an MVP and why does it sound so sporty?

MVP, in our world, stands for Minimum Viable Product. Think of it as the “essentials-only” version of your big idea. It’s the sneak peek that lets you test the waters without going all-in on the first dive. Saves time, money, and the occasional “Oops!”.

Why MVP Masters? Why not some other cool-sounding agency?

Here's the scoop: We’re MVP whizzes. Three months, an idea, and our magic touch, and boom! Digital greatness. With a killer combo of strategy, experience, and a sprinkle of user love, your project's in for some good times.

What's Inside the MVP Goodie Bag?

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Speed's our game, but quality’s our fame. Our secret? A tight ship, a well-oiled plan, and a crew that knows their stuff. We spotlight the must-haves, chat with you like we're old pals, and deliver an MVP that’s all kinds of impressive.

So, after the big debut, can my MVP hit the gym and bulk up?

Heck yes! We don’t just launch and bounce. With our guide on scaling up, you’ll know how to beef up your MVP based on what users are vibing with. We lay the tracks for your MVP train to chug far and wide.