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How MVP Masters helped Burn & Earn iterate and improve a niche online fitness app at hyperspeed

C.J., with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and a history of managing multiple gyms in the Bay Area, identified a unique opportunity during the Covid Pandemic. He launched "Burn & Earn", an innovative online fitness app targeted at individuals aged 40 and above, offering live classes and a gamification element for earning rewards.

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    Discovery · MVP · Scale

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    SF, California

  • Industry

    Fitness · SaaS

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    1 Product Manager · 1 Designer · 2 Engineers

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Client's Vision: Fostering a healthier and more vibrant future for America's matured demographic

Our journey with "Burn & Earn" began with C.J.'s vision to harness technology for enhancing the fitness experience for older adults. His aim was to blend live online fitness classes with a rewarding system, encouraging consistent workout routines among his audience.

Challenges: Redefining a Failing Project

We inherited a project that faced significant setbacks with the previous agency. The app, confined to an ineffective CMS and built as a PWA, suffered from poor design and technical execution. Despite these challenges, C.J. managed to gain 300 paying subscribers, indicating a strong market fit for his service.

Our Strategy: Comprehensive Evaluation and Goal Setting

Our first step was to conduct a thorough analysis of the existing product and understand C.J.'s long-term business objectives. This involved evaluating the current state of "Burn & Earn" and aligning it with future goals.

Solution Development: Building a Robust and Engaging Platform

Our approach was to work within the limitations of the existing CMS while developing new, user-centric features. We introduced a service-oriented architecture, crafted a user-friendly admin dashboard, and systematically addressed all known issues.

Technical Choices: Agile and User-Centric

We moved away from the PWA model, opting to develop native mobile applications for both iOS and Android using React Native. This decision was driven by our understanding of the user demographic and their needs. Additionally, we introduced a streamlined product development framework focused on user feedback.

Impact: Elevating the User Experience

The transformation of "Burn & Earn" was significant. From a flawed application, it evolved into a platform with a solid foundation and a clear direction. The new native mobile apps enhanced user accessibility and engagement.

Future-Proofing: Sustainable and Adaptable Growth

With our continuous support and agile methodology, "Burn & Earn" is poised for sustainable growth. Our commitment to innovation and responsiveness to user needs ensures that the app will remain a competitive and evolving solution in the fitness industry.

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What's an MVP and why does it sound so sporty?

MVP, in our world, stands for Minimum Viable Product. Think of it as the “essentials-only” version of your big idea. It’s the sneak peek that lets you test the waters without going all-in on the first dive. Saves time, money, and the occasional “Oops!”.

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