Spring Internship 2024

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If you're looking to make a dent in the tech world, learn a ton, and have some fun along the way, MVP Masters is the place for you.

This isn't just an internship; it's a launchpad for your career.

From the CTO's Desk:

Hey there,

I'm the CTO at MVP Masters, and we're on the hunt for interns who are ready to dive deep into the world of product development. We're not your average agency; we're a Product Studio that's obsessed with turning ambitious ideas into market-ready products in just three months. Sound exciting? Read on.

Who Are We?

MVP Masters is where ideas meet execution. We're a small team of young, driven entrepreneurs who believe in making a real impact. Our mission? To be damn good at building products. We specialize in product management, understanding the ins and outs of getting to product-market fit, and then scaling up. Our tech stack? Node.js, Firebase, NestJS, NextJS, Typescript, React Native, all built on AWS and Google Cloud platforms.

What's the Gig?

As an intern, you'll be thrown into the deep end - in a good way. You'll get your hands dirty with real projects, applying the latest tech and methodologies in software development. You'll be part of a team that values agility, lean development, and, most importantly, results.

Here's What We Offer:

Real Impact: Work on projects that matter, with a team that values your input and ideas.

Learning on Steroids: With our unique playbook, including agile development, lean methodologies, and a focus on MVP development, you'll learn faster than ever.

Mentorship: Direct guidance from experts who live and breathe product development. Including me, occasionally.

Flexibility: Based in Skopje? Perfect. We operate in a hybrid environment, giving you the freedom to work both remotely and in our office.

Who Should Apply?

You're a student or recent grad in computer science or a related field.

You love to code, but you're also curious about the business side of tech.

You're all about learning new things and stepping out of your comfort zone.

You're under 28 (sorry, legal reasons).

Join Us

If you're looking to make a dent in the tech world, learn a ton, and have some fun along the way, MVP Masters is the place for you. This isn't just an internship; it's a launchpad for your career.

Ready to jump in? Send us your application. Let's build something great together.

UX Design


and Perks

We believe in a healthy balance between life and work. It's important to us that our team leads active and fulfilling lives. That's why we don't just offer perks; we make them a big part of our culture.

Competitive Compensation

We all like to feel valued, and yes, that includes being paid well. We’ve got you covered.

Learn and Grow

Your growth is our growth. Let’s level up your skills and career together in a place that supports your journey.

Work How You Like

We’re based in Skopje and embrace the work-from-anywhere vibe. Just pop into the office once a week for some team fun and connection.

The Right Tools

Starting with us means getting the tech that suits you best. Work happy, work secure.

Plenty of Time Off

Need a break? You have 24 days a year to unwind + public holidays. Because everyone deserves a good rest.

Fast. Efficient. awesome.

Launch your product with MVP Masters

Why wait ages to launch when you can hit the ground running? Embrace the MVP Masters approach: top-tier tech, tight timelines, and price tags that make sense.

frequently asked questions

The Need-to-Knows

What's an MVP and why does it sound so sporty?

MVP, in our world, stands for Minimum Viable Product. Think of it as the “essentials-only” version of your big idea. It’s the sneak peek that lets you test the waters without going all-in on the first dive. Saves time, money, and the occasional “Oops!”.

Why MVP Masters? Why not some other cool-sounding agency?

Here's the scoop: We’re MVP whizzes. Three months, an idea, and our magic touch, and boom! Digital greatness. With a killer combo of strategy, experience, and a sprinkle of user love, your project's in for some good times.

What's Inside the MVP Goodie Bag?

Picture this: everything you need for MVP stardom. We're talking top-notch project management, dazzling designs, the key features to make users go “wow”, snappy 2-week releases, all the analytics goodies, and a cherry on top.

You say 'swift MVP'. How's the quality though?

Speed's our game, but quality’s our fame. Our secret? A tight ship, a well-oiled plan, and a crew that knows their stuff. We spotlight the must-haves, chat with you like we're old pals, and deliver an MVP that’s all kinds of impressive.

So, after the big debut, can my MVP hit the gym and bulk up?

Heck yes! We don’t just launch and bounce. With our guide on scaling up, you’ll know how to beef up your MVP based on what users are vibing with. We lay the tracks for your MVP train to chug far and wide.